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Question: When will CozyRoo have the latest Tula Baby Carrier prints in stock? Answer: Before you know it!

We typically place orders for new prints the minute Tula releases them to the public. We post the new prints as soon as that shipment arrives. This is usually within 3-5 days after it was officially released by the manufacturer. Because of this process, we regularly have prints available that are out of stock elsewhere. So check back often to find the right print for you. Shop at CozyRoo today!

About TULA Ergonomic Carriers

As an award-winning industry leader, Tula offers beautiful, easy-to use, versatile, and long-lasting baby carriers. They are comfortable and ergonomic. Baby wearing supports the bond between caregiver and child. Tula meets and exceeds safety standards. They are also a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA).

The TULA Ergonomic Carrier is a soft structured carrier. The panel hugs child’s back and provides support for her developing spine. Soft structured Tula carriers offer the convenience of buckles yet are vastly different from framed backpacks. This is because they hold the baby securely against the wearer’s body. Unlike framed backpacks, these carriers are suitable from birth (if used with an infant insert) through toddlerhood. They also provide the benefits of body-to-body contact. Tula Baby Carriers are the ultimate baby carrier. You will not need anything else. Their unique construction reduces the weight from the shoulders and distributes it to the parent’s hip area. Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier uses only 100% cotton and is safety compliant. We offer a variety of prints, making them both useful and stylish!

Benefits of TULA Ergonomic Carriers:

• Newborn to toddler from 15 – 50 lbs.
• Front and back carry.
• Easy to use. Fast to put on and take off.
• Tula Carriers are compliant with safety certifications. (ASTM in accordance with the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and CPSIA)
• Business Member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA).
• High quality, 100% cotton.
• Highest quality buckles and belts with safety certificates.
• Pocket on the hip belt for additional storage.
• Hood to support baby’s head while asleep. Also to protect from sun or wind, and for comfortable breastfeeding.
• Additional padding in shoulder straps and child’s leg area for extra comfort.
• Three section hip belt that contours around waist.
• Machine Washable.

For more details on how to properly wear TULA Ergonomic Carriers, read through these TULA step-by-step instructions.

*TULA is a registered trademark of Tula Baby Carriers, which does not endorse CozyRoo.