MOBY® Wrap

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About MOBY® Wrap

From welcoming your little one into the world wrapped in love, to an adventure out to the corners of the world with your curious toddler; MOBY® has the ideal carrier for your family. Tradition of supreme ergonomics began with the MOBY Wrap. A top recommendation for an infant carrier; keeps baby near your beating heart and in constant motion with the parental sway, Moby Wrap eases the transition from to womb to the outside world. Featuring carefully chosen 100% all natural cotton fabrics, the MOBY Wrap creates a close and loving environment for you to nurture your little one.

How the MOBY Wrap works

Start by wrapping yourself. There is a rumor that it can take a few tries to learn to wrap, but you will soon get to know your Moby Wrap and become familiar with how tight you will wrap yourself and as baby grows you will naturally adjust for your growing baby, wrapping for the perfect fit every time.

For newborns an inside pocket is created where the fabric comes from your shoulder and crosses your body. This pocket will hug your little one, allowing them to stay in an upright fetal position that is so important in this stage of development.

For older babies, baby comes in and sits on the X created by the crisscrossed fabric at your chest. This X cradles baby in a deep seated position that supports the natural curve of baby’s spine and while allowing you to spread the fabric wide to reach from knee to knee.

For more details on how to properly wear the MOBY, watch these MOBY Wrap instructional videos.

*MOBY is a registered trademark of Brands Four Kids, which does not endorse CozyRoo.