Baby K’tan® Baby Carriers


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About Baby K’tan®

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is an innovative soft cotton baby carrier that is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, providing the positions and benefits of all three. There is no other carrier available like it. It is a ready-to-wear wrap that enables parents & caregivers to comfortably carry infants and toddlers (from birth to 3 years) in multiple positions.

Baby K’tan Sizing Information

The Baby K’tan is sized to fit the adult who will be carrying the child. Age or weight of child is not a factor.

The Baby K’tan is meant to fit snugly to allow for stretch. If the carrier feels tight for the first use, this does not necessarily mean it is too small.

Baby K’tan is a baby wrap without all the wrapping!

  • Multiple Wearing Positions for babies weighing 8-35 lbs.
  • Double Shoulder weight distribution
  • No buckles, no straps, no wrapping
  • Machine washable & dryer safe
  • Adjustable back support band provides optimal back support
  • 100% cotton knit fabric with unique one-way stretch
  • Soft Cotton head support for baby
  • Promotes healthy development
  • Sash provides added security & support
  • Wide fabric allows for ergonomic positioning for baby

*Baby K’tan is a registered trademark of Baby Ktan, LLC, which does not endorse CozyRoo.